A great opportunity to start planning your wedding!


In our experience, we had some couples who, despite living abroad, planning a wedding in Italy, wish to come to our country, in time,  to meet us and maybe visit some locations and suppliers.

During the consultation, we focus on the main questions and doubts, about planning a wedding abroad and trying to give them clarity and guidance beyond to a place to start.

We get to know them as a couple to understand their vision and style and hear their current ideas for the wedding day.

We show them the wedding planning and give advice on how to develop and organize all the various steps of the Event on their own or with our support.

During the consultation, we guide the couples through the requested order and the expected timeline for the day, which will help them to visualize everything from start to finish.

Even if they are mid-way through their planning journey and just want a little guidance, we can give them some help to manage some particular situations that they are not very familiar with.

This consultation is 2 hours minimum and, if they end up booking one of the packages, the Consultation fee will be deducted from the package price.