MC Italian Wedding was born in 2018, in Tuscany, thanks to the passion of two good friends, Cinzia and Maria Luisa, for the destination wedding in Italy.

We are used to say…“Our different skills are our strength, as they make us complementary to cover every aspect of your Italian Wedding!”


Today, I’m a wedding planner based in Florence but I began my training in Rome as a part-time tour leader for foreign travellers and event planner. In 1995, I moved to Florence, a city that I’ve always loved since I was a child and where I used to spend some weekends with my parents. In Tuscany, I worked for several years , first in hotels as Reservation Manager, then in luxury wedding venues, in the Chianti area as planner of tailored weddings. In this world, I acquired a good experience both in customer service and in the scheduling and realization of all the smaller but essential details, for the realization of outstanding events. Over the years , I collaborated with different Tuscan agencies till I realized I have acquired the right professional and communicative skills to create my own brand and to start , with one of my best friend, Maria Luisa, a professional partnership.

I started my training in Rome, where I mainly dealt with administrative duties. In 1995, I moved to Florence, with my best friend Cinzia, where, as a freelancer, I occasionally collaborated to the realization of small events, business meeting mostly, mainly dealing with the administrative part and its related services.
After ten years in this sector, I decided to use all the skills I acquired over the time to become a wedding planner, a professional figure that has always fascinated me. Today I mainly deal with searching and organizing all the services required to plan a successful Event.

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If you are looking for somebody who is able to turn your vision of wedding into reality and to support your own personality, in every step of your Event… you are in the right place!

Our goal is to build with you a wedding project that will be uniquely yours, tailored on your wishes and your dreams to allow you enjoying your Event, stress-free.

Which bride hasn’t excited planning her
big day?

The Web is plenty of DIY wedding sites, which suggest couples, to plan the event by their own to save money.
However, if finding out a lovely venue could be exciting, setting the right price and including services is not so simple; if choosing your preferred flowers could be not a problem, receiving the perfect nuances you wait for, is not so evident; if searching for vendors could be stimulating, speaking in Italian with them, on the phone, and understand them is not so obvious…
So, at last, the realization of these wedding tasks is not always so enjoyable and you wished you have someone around to trust!
You need a good deal of patience to hire the best professional vendors, to call them many times to explain them your clients ‘desires, to meet them to review their contracts and solve every tiny detail.
Having a professional figure that follows you step by step in the realization of all this, really makes the difference.
Planning a wedding takes time but you can’t accomplish how much, until you really get into the preparations for your event and you realize that you don’t have it!
That’s why a professional wedding planner can make the difference.
She helps you to deal with unforeseen situations and solve them immediately, working in the backstage, with her professional staff, who will take care of you and your guests’ needs.

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