Are you dreaming of an Italian wedding? Well, who doesn’t, after all? But one thing is daydreaming, another is concretely starting to think about it. And one of the first things you should think about is where to get married in Italy.

The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough charming places where to plan your wedding. On the contrary, the problem is precisely the opposite. There are so many gorgeous wedding locations in Italy that choosing just one is really hard.

We are two wedding planners based in Florence, and we are specialised in organising weddings for couples from abroad. If you are still uncertain about where to get married in Italy, here below, you may find some useful tips. And if you need someone to plan your Italian wedding, don’t hesitate to ask: we are already willing to work to make your dream come true!

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If you are about to choose where to get married in Italy, you should first ask yourself: what do I want from my Italian wedding? Am I dreaming of something straight out from a fairytale, with a castle, a lavish buffet, and so on? Do I prefer a fancy wedding, but a little more “up to date”? Or maybe something more “authentic”, where the focus is eating and drinking well, staying with relatives and friends, and just having a good time?

Answering this question should give you a huge hint about your choice. You may know if a castle makes the perfect location for your wedding, or maybe a villa or a grand hotel, or on the contrary a country abbey or an agriturismo.

Once you have decided on the type of location you would like for your wedding, you still have to choose the actual venue. This could be quite complicated if you don’t already know specific places, especially if you don’t live in Italy, and you don’t have the chance to easily explore your options. 

Moreover, once you have chosen your wedding venue, you still have to contact the owners and book it in advance. This also could be a problem, since the most charming locations are also the most requested. The risk is to discover that the venue of your dreams is already booked and that the waiting list is incredibly long.

Our suggestion, and we don’t say it just because planning weddings in Italy is our job, is to ask a professional. This way, your wedding planner will already give you a selected list of amazing locations, avoiding the risk of nasty surprises. And, once you’ve made your choice, will guarantee you a privileged channel to book your wedding venue.

Where to Get Married in Italy


There are plenty of perfect wedding venues all around Italy. But, working as wedding planners, we of course have selected a few that we particularly appreciate, both for the locations themselves and for their organisation.

Since we are based in Florence, many of these locations are in our city or in Tuscany. But we also have a couple of tips for wedding venues in the rest of Italy. In our list, you will find castles, ville, abbeys, grand hotels… in short, a little bit of everything.

Here you can discover our favourite wedding venues in Italy!

Where to Get Married in Italy on a Budget


We have talked about palaces, castles, and grand hotels. Of course, all of these wedding venues may cost you a lot of money. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t marry in Italy without opening a mortgage!

If you want to know where to get married in Italy on a budget, we can advise you on the venues that provide you with quality at an honest rate. You would be surprised to discover how many enchanting locations where to eat gorgeous food and drink incredible Italian wine are available.

Moreover, if you decide to organise your wedding with us, we will also take care of your budget during the whole planning process, from the start until the ceremony.

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