Our goal is to allow all people to realise their dream wedding!

Often, it is thought that organising the marriage of a couple with disabilities can be complicated because there is the idea that a disabled marriage is different from a traditional one. This is because the planning needs special precautions.

It is true that there are problems to be solved but … which wedding does not have problems? If a good wedding planner is the one who faces unexpected situations and is able to manage them, why expected situations, such as disability, cannot be positively faced?

What it is necessary is to adapt the wedding ceremony and the subsequent celebration to the physical “reality” of the bride and / or groom and / or both, adopting some small – but at the same time practical and original – measures:

  • Choose a location for the wedding not developed on several levels
  • location with big areas to drive the transport of any wheelchairs or other necessary tools
  • planning of settings appropriate to the real difficulties of the spouses and / or their guests
  • avoid that even the simplest thing, such as going to the table, can prove to be a nuisance…

The bride / groom with disabilities does not need specific treatment or constant assistance, but greater attention to any needs and a customisation of the offer. 

We strongly think that the secret of the success of a disabled marriage depends on the ability of the wedding planner, like that of the collaborators and suppliers involved in the planning, to identify the needs of the future bride or groom and, above all, listen to her/his expectations and  gain her/his trust.