Renew your Love with us!

There are many reasons that lead couples, already married, to renew their wedding vows:

  • a special anniversary, such as your 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, etc.
  • the desire of a public statement of your love and commitment to each other
  • you originally had a civil wedding, and now you would like to celebrate  a religious ceremony, or you had a religious ceremony and now you want to have a ceremony that doesn’t have restrictions that may have imposed
  • you want to share your vows with family and friends that at the time of your  wedding couldn’t attend it, due to distance
  • you and your spouse have had a difficult time and want to start fresh
  • you now have the means to have the ceremony and reception you couldn’t afford for your original wedding
  • you consider the ceremony as the chance to celebrate the wedding you never had…

For whatever reason you want to have a renewal of vows, MC Italian Weddings will be at your side to help you in saying “I do” again, in a fun and meaningful way.