Have you ever visited Florence? Have you ever explored the charming Tuscanian hills? If the answer is no, it probably is one of the next destinations you wish to visit. If the answer is yes, you surely want to come back to live the dream once again. 

In both cases, if you are about to get married, you are probably dreaming about a Florence wedding or a Tuscany wedding. Let’s face it: sun, dreamlike scenarios, stunning architectures, fine wine, gorgeous food… what you could ask more for your special day?

Well, it just so happens that we are two experienced wedding planners living in Florence. We are specialised in organising weddings for foreign couples who dream about getting married here in Italy (here you may find our guide about getting married in Italy – link italian wedding planners). So… we know something about it, and of course, we would be more than happy to plan your wedding.

In case you need our help, feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. And if you would like to know something more about weddings in Florence and Tuscany, then just keep on reading.

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If you are still wondering why you should choose Florence for your Italian wedding, let’s get straight to the point and answer this question in a few words: because it’s one of the most charming cities not just in Italy, but in the entire world.

It’s not a personal opinion, it’s a matter of act. Thanks to its majestic monuments, breathtaking views, museums loaded with masterpieces, streets and squares full of history, Florence makes the perfect location for a dreamlike wedding.

And you can also look at it from another point of view: getting married in Florence is the perfect excuse to take some time to visit the city before or after the ceremony!


If you dream of a Florence wedding, it’s not just because of the city but also because it features some of Italy’s finest locations. Villas, palaces, grand hotels or, if you prefer something more authentic, a lot of agriturismi in the surroundings.

Thanks to our experience, we have selected a list of what we think are the best wedding venues in Florence. From the enchanting 15th-century Villa Le Fontanelle to the Vincigliata castle, that seems to come out straight from a fairytale, you can discover our favourites here!

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A wedding in Florence is like a dream coming true. But this doesn’t mean that it’s something easy to set up. If you are thinking about a religious wedding, you should first contact the church you would like to get married in and set a date for the ceremony. If you have opted for a civil marriage, you will need to make an appointment with the local authorities.

And once you have chosen your wedding venue, you should coordinate all the professionals needed to organise a perfect wedding. This may be particularly difficult if you come from abroad.

There’s also another thing to say about getting married in Florence: since it’s something extraordinary, everyone dreams about it. Hence a lot of people want to wed in Florence. This means you may have some difficulties in booking your favourite venue. And this also means that a Florence wedding may cost you way more than you figured.

Our suggestion, then, is to ask a professional to plan your Florentine wedding. Here’s why:

  • You won’t’ have to worry about organising the needed personnel
  • You won’t have problems in obtaining all the required authorisations
  • You will have a privileged channel to all the fanciest wedding venues in town
  • Someone will overlook the expenses, to make sure that you won’t exceed your budget.
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Tuscany is one of Italy’s most beloved regions due to its warm climate, its incredible countryside, and the abundance of art cities, full of monuments, palaces, and museums. So it shouldn’t be a surprise learning that it’s also one of the Italian regions where foreigners prefer to get married.

A Tuscany wedding may mean a lot of things. A sober ceremony in a countryside abbey, followed by a festive lunch inside an authentic Tuscan agriturismo, tasting fine Chianti wine and the incredible local food. Or it may be a solemn church ceremony, followed by a lavish banquet inside a fancy palace.

Tuscany has so much to offer that you should focus on yourself, in order to choose where to get married. And remember: if you actually opt for a Tuscan wedding, don’t miss the chance to visit its incredible hills and its many art cities!


There are so many choices about where to get married in Tuscany, that it would be quite difficult to give you a universally valid answer. In this page [link wedding venues] we have listed our favourite wedding venues in Tuscany, from the Monte Pozzali convent, in the Maremma countryside, to Villa di Corliano, near Pisa. We hope you may find some inspiration for your Italian wedding!


Here we could tell you what we have already said about getting married in Florence. Everyone dreams about it, but it may be quite difficult to plan your wedding in Tuscany, especially if you come from abroad.

Once again, our suggestion is to find a local wedding planner that will book your favourite venue, obtain all the needed authorisations, coordinate all the personnel for the wedding, overlook your budget and, most of all, follow you step by step until the day you will say Yes.

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