There are few countries as magic as Italy, thanks to its traditions, its unique and heterogeneous territory, its incredible monuments and landmarks, and of course… its food! So it should be no surprise if so many people dream of getting married in Italy (here you may find our easy guide to an Italian wedding).

One of the main things to decide before organising your wedding is, of course, where to get married. Here you may find some quick suggestions about the best wedding venues in Tuscany and in Italy.


First of all, let’s start from a matter of fact: to choose your wedding location in Italy, you should decide how to choose it. This means that, before even starting to look for castles, palaces, hotels or agriturismi  all around the country, you should focus on yourself.

Think about your tastes. Think about the person that you are. Are you a lover of fancy places? Then the best fit could be a grand hotel or a palace. Do you still dream of a fairytale wedding exactly like when you were a kid? Then dream big and look out for a castle that rents its spaces for events and weddings. Are you a lover of “authentic” Italy and genuine places? Then maybe you could look for something in the countryside, a welcoming agriturismo or an abbey.

We are two wedding planners based in Florence, Italy. So, of course, we are specialised in marriages in Florence and Tuscany. But we have also organised many weddings all around the country, during our career. Therefore we can give you some excellent advice even if you prefer to marry somewhere else. 

Here below you will find some of our favourite wedding venues in Tuscany and Italy. We have worked with these locations many times, so we can easily plan your marriage there, taking care of everything, and guaranteeing you to live a stress-free, dreamlike marriage. But let’s start from the beginning. Let’s start with our “home”…

Best wedding venues italy


When we talk about the best wedding venues in Florence, we surely know what we are talking about. We have lived and worked in this charming city for years, and we have specialised in planning weddings in its unique locations. So trust us when we suggest you get married in one of the following places.


Set in the immediate surroundings of Florence, this 15th-century villa belonged to the Medici family and was donated by Cosimo de’ Medici to Marsilio Ficino, one of the key figures of Humanism. This enchanting place features a chapel, a garden with more than 30.000 plants, as well as a greenhouse. It’s a perfect mix of nature, architecture and history.


Located in Fiesole, on the hills just outside Florence, this 11th-century castle has everything that’s needed for a perfect Italian wedding, starting from its romantic courtyard and the balcony that offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. The interior rooms, furnished with antiques and paintings, and the winter garden provide an excellent alternative in bad weather or during the colder season.


This luxury hotel with rooms and suites located inside the main villa and the “villino Eugenio” features a magnificent park overlooking Giardino di Boboli, glorious salons, a spa, a pool, a bistrot, and a cigar room. What else would you need for your over-the-top Italian wedding in Florence?

Best wedding venues tuscany

Best Wedding Venues in Tuscany, Italy

If you would like to explore the beauties of our region and its countryside, we have many places to suggest you outside Florence. Here you may find our favourite wedding venues in Tuscany, where we would be excited to plan your Italian wedding.

BORGO PETROGNANO (Barberino Tavarnelle, Florence)

We still are inside Florence’s territory, but a little bit on the outside, if compared to the previous wedding venues. Borgo Petrognano probably is what remains of an ancient village destroyed in the 13th century by Florence, as attested by its tower and four villas. Entirely renovated, this location is now a luxury relais that provides the perfect setting for a five-stars wedding.

CONVENTO DI MONTE POZZALI (Massa Marittima, Grosseto)

This 12th-century cloister, now renovated and transformed in an agriturismo, stands in the charming countryside of Grosseto, the Maremma. It’s the ideal setting for an authentic, sustainable (the structure relies on renewable energy and is committed to preserving its territory’s integrity) Tuscan wedding. The location also provides a chance to explore the enchanting seaside setting of Punta Ala or to plan an escape to the near Isola d’Elba. 

VILLA DI CORLIANO (San Giuliano Terme, Pisa)

Located in San Giuliano Terme, a few minutes away from Pisa (the perfect excuse to visit the city and its world-known tower!), this 15th century Villa is surrounded by a majestic park. It is part of a larger monumental complex composed of a Chapel, a Farmhouse (designed by Ignazio Pellegrini in 1755), an oil Mill, and a Kaffeehaus, thus making the perfect choice for those who are passionate in Art and Architecture.

Best Wedding Venues in Italy

If you would like to explore something else aside from Tuscany, our suggestions aren’t over yet! We still got a couple of tidbits that will allow you to discover the enchantment both of Northern and Southern Italy. Here you may find our best wedding venues in Italy, outside of Tuscany. Willing to say yes in one of those places? You just have to ask, and we will plan your Italian wedding!


Venice. What else is there to say? Who wouldn’t dream of getting married in Venice? If this isn’t enough, we can also tell you that the Baglioni Hotel Luna makes the perfect location for a fancy Italian wedding, thanks to its stylish suites and rooms, incredible restaurant and tailor-made food experiences, and to its unique setting inside Venice.


Monopoli is the perfect place to explore the wonders of Apulia, its unique seaside and its cultural heritage (have you ever heard about the trulli in Alberobello, just 30 minutes by car?). Here at the Relais Don Ferrante, one of the most fascinating relais and boutique hotels in Southern Italy, you will find everything that’s needed for a proper Italian wedding: sun, food, wine, and a warm welcome.

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